Welsh Springer Spaniel

welsh springer spaniel

welsh springer spaniel


 The Welsh Springer Spaniel belongs to the oldest class of gun dog, Spaniels, whose existence can be traced back to the late Renaissance period. They are popular for their hunting, flushing and retrieving skills as well as for the loyalty and affection they give to their owners. If you think these hunting dog are for you, here are some facts you might find helpful to better understand them and control them.


Hunting Style

welsh springer spanielThere’s nowhere else a Welsh Springer Spaniel would like to be but in the field, as exhibited by their joy, enthusiasm and animated action when afield. During a hunt, they can be very methodical in their trot while at the same time using their intelligence and sensitive nose to seek game. Welsh Springer Spaniels cover ground with no hesitation or fear and always with enthusiasm and desire. Their flush can easily produce bird for the gun. Once they acquire a bird scent, they will work diligently—often alternating between air and ground scenting—to follow a trail. When they are close to the prey, they will usually pause briefly and unhesitatingly drive toward the bird to complete the flush.



Being vigorous and enthusiastic workers in the field, these hunting dogs don’t need much cajoling or pushing for training. They very much love the outdoors and need as much walking, hiking or running as you can provide. welsh springer spanielAnd being quite independent and having the tendency to be easily distracted, they need an owner who displays leadership. If not trained to follow orders, they may not listen to even the known the commands.  Make sure though that the training is done with a calm voice and a light handling of the leash. Corrections should be verbal too instead of physical. This is because these hunting dogs are emotionally ‘soft’ and physically sensitive. They can wilt under rough handling. The key to getting them to pay attention is to be calm while at the same time possessing an air of natural authority. Because if they sense that they are stronger minded than their owner, they will not respond to discipline.


General Appearance

The Welsh Springer Spaniel hunting dogs have a compact body built especially for hard work. welsh springer spanielThey have a striking red and white trademark coat and slightly webbed feet.  Their lifespan is also lower than other hunting dogs, averaging only at 13 years, making them ideal for owners who are looking for short-term financial and emotional commitment.  Male Welsh Springer Spaniels can stand 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder and weigh 45 to 55 pounds. Female Welsh Springer Spaniels can stand 15 to 18 inches at the shoulder and weigh 36 to 45 pounds.

welsh springer spanielPersonality

The Welsh Springer is a gun dog that every family would surely like to have, and for a number of reasons:

  • They are independent.

  • They can be happy on their own.

  • They are very loyal.

  • They can be devoted to their owner and protective of family members.

  • They are wary of strangers.

  • They have pleasing personality, which is marked by their easygoing nature.

  • They love human companionship, but at the same time enjoy some level of independence.



The Welsh Springer spaniel is prone to minor health concerns, such as glaucoma, entropion, epilepsy, otitis externa and canine hip dysplasia. Regular vet checkups can help you prevent, identify or treat any of these health issues. welsh springer spaniel Welsh Springer Spaniels sheds moderately, therefore requiring less maintenance. However, they should be regularly groomed to keep their hair neat and at manageable length. These hunting dogs have no problem in both hot and cold weather as their coat can keep them comfortable. So whether it is summer or winter, make sure to give them some time outdoors for running and exercise.


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