Upland Game Bird Outfitters

Upland Game Bird Outfitters

How to Up Your Game with Upland Game Bird Outfitters:

Hunting upland game birds is one of the most popular outdoor activities in various parts of the world. This is often done with Flushing Spaniels, Retrievers and Pointing breeds in territories approved for bird hunting. For a more productive hunting trip, it is highly recommended to work with upland game bird outfitters. They either provide services specific to a particular breed of non-water fowl game birds, or cater to bird hunters of all types.

Value of Good Outfitters:

Although there is an element of thrill when you choose not to pay to hunt, it can spell the difference between a fine and lousy hunt. Even if you are familiar with a particular territory or hunting spot, there may be certain factors that only an upland game bird outfitter knows, such as rules and restrictions. So before you shun the idea of hiring outfitter services, you should familiarize yourself with the value that they can offer.

Hunting Guide:

Upland Game Bird OutfittersOutfitters know where the best place to go upland game bird hunting. They will spare you endless driving and aimless walking, which could result in you going home empty handed. They are also familiar with the habitat, conditions of the hunting area during spring, winter and other seasons, and they know what the weather is like during the hunting season. So why not tap into such knowledge and skills?

Outfitting Hunters:

Upland Game Bird OutfittersOften times, you don’t go on a hunt with nothing more than your ammunition. You may also need lodging, meals, game clean equipment, camping gear, and other supplies that may be cumbersome if you were to bring them on your own. Outfitters can outfit you with essential provisions needed for a successful and productive hunt. In the event that you don’t have a license, outfitters can also help you comply with this requirement.

Budget Needs:

Most upland game bird outfitters offer packages that are well within a good budget range. The value of game birds that you bring home would be well worth the amount you paid to hunt. Still, you should ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend to hunt to help you choose the right outfitter for you.

Types of Upland Game Bird Outfitters:

Upland Game Bird OutfittersPheasant Hunting Outfitters:

They specialize in pheasant hunting, guiding hunters to the best spots, and providing them with everything they need.

 Hunting guide

Upland Game Bird OutfittersThe most reliable pheasant outfitters offer a wide range of services from guiding to outfitting. They are experts in their own right and should be able to answer all your questions with credibility and all honesty. So ask them about the hunting site they have hunting rights to, its condition and the probability of you going home with a pheasant or two. You should also look into the provisions they offer, such as lodging meals and hunting equipment.

 Type of hunt

You can choose between a day hunt or a package hunt, depending on the time you have and your budget. Some outfitters include meals even in a day hunt, while others don’t. If you plan to bring nothing more than your ammunition, book the right type of hunt.

 Hunting dogs

Upland Game Bird OutfittersPheasant outfitters provide their own hunting dogs, which is more convenient than if you were to bring your own hunting buddy. It is also less expensive, especially if you have to fly to reach your hunting destination. A lot of airlines no longer accept live animals for transport, including dogs. And if they do, the airfare could be expensive. It is understandable, however, that you want to bring your own dog and pheasant outfitters can accommodate your hunting buddy, provided that his vaccinations are up to date. You must provide a certificate as proof.

Upland Game Bird OutfittersQuail Hunting Outfitters :

Hunting quail is said to be the most challenging, especially if you pursue a Mountain Quail, the toughest to hunt of all quail species. But it will not be as tough with a outfitter by your side.

 Hunting guide

They offer full or semi-guided hunts depending on your preferences. Each hunting party is provided with a single guide and not joined with other groups, which can be problematic because each group has different hunting styles and preferences. Guides are usually licensed and experts in their own territory.

Upland Game Bird OutfittersThey can prove invaluable when hunting for Mountain Quail. The birds are often unwilling to fly and would rather run through steep and bushy terrain. Chasing them in such conditions can be daunting, especially for someone unfamiliar with the territory. With a hunting guide’s help, you are sure to bring home a quail or two.

 Types of hunts

Customers can choose between day hunt and package hunt. The advantage of the latter is that meals and lodging are included, while the former only comes with hunting access. But packages can vary depending on the provider of outfitter services. It also matters if you are hunting for a mountain quail, valley quail, wild quail or bobwhite quail. Because then, the hunting arrangement must be made according to the species that you pursue, what with each one of them having different characteristics.

 Hunting dogs

Upland Game Bird OutfittersQuail outfitters may or may not provide hunting dogs. It is best to check with them beforehand, so you will know whether or not to bring your own hunting buddy or hire other outfitting providers. There are advantages when hunting dogs come with the package that you choose, especially if you have to fly to get to the hunting site. It is also more convenient if you want to hunt other types of game birds the next day, where a different breed of hunting dog may be required.

Chukar Hunting Outfitters:

Upland game bird hunting remains to be a popular activity, but the availability of game is becoming increasing limited each season. This means hunting regulations might have changed since the last time you went hunting. For this reason, it is best to pay to hunt. Are you interested in hunting chukar? Some of the best states to hunt for this particular species are Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

 Hunting guides

Upland Game Bird OutfittersIt is one thing to know about the states, but another to know the exact coordinates of the best hunting site for chukar. It is even considered impolite to directly ask someone, “Where did you hunt”. This is why you will need the skills and knowledge that Upland Game Bird Outfitters offer. They are familiar with their own territory and can help ensure that your hunting trip will be productive. They are also your source of information about the best time to go hunting for chukar, the bird’s habitat, and even some strategies. Different states, however, have different rules on hunting guides. In Nevada, for example, a guide should only take no more than two hunters. If you sign up for more than a single hunting trip, guides are likely to change daily as well, to give you the full experience.

 Types of hunt

Upland Game Bird OutfittersSome chukar outfitters combine hunting with other activities, such as fishing. This type of combination is often a sportsman’s dream, but not always offered by all Upland Game Bird Outfitters. Day hunts are also available, but it is best to schedule more than a day of upland game bird hunting. If you happen to be in a huge state, you could hunt different species for every hunting day. The inclusion of food and accommodation will depend on the type of hunt you sign up for. Some Upland Game Bird Outfitters offer room and food, with meals served in different ways – breakfast in camp, tailgate lunch with a guide, and dinner at a restaurant.

 Hunting dogs

Upland Game Bird OutfittersChoose chukar outfitters that provide hunting dogs, such as English Setters, Pointers and Brittany Setters. What is great about these dogs is that they are well-trained and are guaranteed to help you achieve a productive hunting trip. They can pin close-sitting singles, cut off running coveys, or retrieve wounded or dead bird.

What about bringing your own hunting buddy? Make sure to ask an outfitter if they can accommodate your own dog, and what requirements you must meet. However, you should seriously reconsider bringing one, especially when there might be a problem with the transport.

Upland Game Bird OutfittersDove Hunting Outfitters:

Certain seasons turn vast empty fields into a dove paradise, the perfect playground for hunters. Even with an abundance of doves, it is still best to hire dove outfitters for your next hunting trip.

 Hunting guide

Apart from pointing you to the right direction, hunting guides will help ensure a successful trip. They can provide you with information and strategies that will prove useful. Even if you’re no novice to dove hunting, different territories may call for different techniques, something that local guides can help you with. More importantly, they are your source of information about bag limit, and which species are open for non-stop hunting.

 Type of hunts

Upland Game Bird OutfittersGuided dove hunts can be done a day or more, depending on the outfitter service that you choose. A full package will include meal and lodging, along with other outdoor activities, such as prairie dog shooting or bass fishing. Bird cleaning equipment are also provided.

 Hunting dogs

Dove outfitters may or may not offer hunting dogs, so make sure to ask. Some service providers allow each guide to carry more than 8 hunting dogs in a trip with a maximum of 3 hunters. Now what are the odds that you will be able to bring home a dove or two? Quite high.

These are just a few examples of the different types of upland bird hunts. There are many more to chose from. 

This outline may not reflect all outfitter standards.

Happy Hunting


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