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We breed the best of Field Trial bloodlines, selecting particularly for a hunting dog that has natural ability coupled with excellent temperament and disposition. Our hunting dogs have proven themselves in Retriever Field Trials for over 30 years, and more important, are hunted under natural conditions, which, after all, is what it’s all about. Many of today’s FT Labs are exceptional in what they do. Not all of them, and in fact probably the majority of them, are never really hunted under the gun. Nowadays there are also many Labradors who don’t really look like Labs, and also many who are too hyper to make a good combination family dog and gun dog. If you want a Labrador Retriever that can do it all, and looks good doing it, give us a call!

The Trieven and Sungold (our golden retrievers) names are well known in retriever circles, and are behind many of today’s top retrievers, both Lab and Golden. You will see the TRIEVEN name in many of today’s Pointing Labs, as we have had Labs that point consistently since 1971. Our goal is to have a Lab that is first an outstanding retriever on land and water, is highly trainable, pleasant to live with, and if they point naturally, that’s the frosting on the cake!


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