Small Munsterlander

Small Munsterlander

Small Munsterlander


Munsterlander can refer to one of two breeds of hunting dogs that originated from Munster, Germany — Large Munsterlander and Small Munsterlander. The latter is the more popular of the two because of its versatility when it comes to hunting. Before guns were used in hunting, the ancestors of the Small Munsterlanders were used to flush out prey for the falcons. The hunting dogs were thought to be more than 500 years old.


Hunting Style

Small MunsterlanderDuring their early days, Small Munsterlanders have a local reputation as the bird dog to hunt with if you want to be sure that you can bring enough food to the table. They’re that good at hunting, what with their excellent search and point drive. Small Munsterlanders are elite hunting dogs and are trained to track, hunt and retrieve a variety of game, such as rails, grouse, woodcock, partridge rabbit, deer and even fox. But they’re even more effective when working as a team with the hunter, similar to the kind of cooperation that a sheep herder and Border Collie has. This is why they’re not a far-ranging breed of hunting dog, as they prefer a maintain hunting partnership with their owner.  Although not originally a hunting dog, the Small Munsterlander was developed into one when hunting became more popular. Along with this, is the improvement in his ability to work equally well in the water and in the field. He can also retrieve shot game in both fresh and saltwater.

Small Munsterlander with pupsTrainability

Most Small Munsterlanders are highly intelligent, thus trainable. But the owner must be decisive or consistent when training them or the hunting dogs will find a reason to challenge him. Although attentive, they require patients and gentle training. Both voice and hand signals have to be used as well, because they usually check with the hunter for silent signals. They are a great gun dog.


General Appearance

Small MunsterlanderWhile named Small Munsterlander, this bird dog is actually medium-size in build. Male Munsterlanders usually have a height at withers of up to 22 inches, while females reach up to 21.25 inches. Their weight ranges from 40 to 60 pounds, with the males being larger of the two. Most of them have a coat of brown and white, and feature moderate feathering on the tail, belly, inside the thighs, and at the back of the forelegs.



Small MunsterlanderLoyal and affectionate are two words that best describe the Small Munsterlanders. They also have a strong prey drive and love to reward owners with the fruits of their hunt, which make them quite the effective hunting dog. As a pet, they are happy and are very sociable. This is why they will never thrive in a kennel.



Unlike other hunting dogs, the Small Munsterlander is generally healthy. This is due in part to the strict rules in dog breeding. To be approved for breeding, for example, the gun dog must pass an evaluation by the Small Munsterlander Club of North America, based on genetic health, hunting abilities, temperament and conformation. Still, acquiring a Small Munsterlander  from a reputable hunting dog breeder is highly advised.Small Munsterlander  As already mentioned, Small Munsterlanders thrive when they hunt, which is why they must be given comparable challenges daily or sufficient exercise, because the lack thereof can lead to unwanted behavior. The activities given to them should also consider their intelligence. Good examples are flyball or search and rescue work. As they’re very strong swimmers, taking them out for a swim or a game of fetch by the beach is also ideal.  Their average life span is between 12 to 15 years.


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