PudelpointerA cross between the German hunting poodle and the English Pointer, The Pudelpointer is a versatile hunting dog in such a way that they can combine the natural working abilities of their forebears. They have exceptional retrieving skills, can develop human attachment and can be obedient to owners—making them a perfect companion at home and during hunting trips. If you think this hunting dog is for you, here are some facts about the Pudelpointer that you might find helpful.


Hunting Style

When German breeder, Baron von Zedlitz, experimented with these hunting dogs in 1881 he was looking to produce a hunting dog that can work both on land and water, possessing a good tracking, pointing and retrieving abilities on both environments.Pudelpointer And the result of that experiment is a gun dog that combines the natural working abilities of a poodle and a pointer. These hunting dogs have remarkable intelligence,  a love for water, possesses excellent retrieving instinct, is highly trainable and willing to please, has a desire to hunt, and possesses strong endurance.  Although they don’t quite match the retriever’s marking ability, they are water specialist of their own when it comes to searching for downed waterfowl. They use their intelligence to find the game. As Dave Duffey put it in his 1986 article in the Gun Dog Magazine: “… Of all the versatile hunting dog breeds, the Pudelpointer impresses me as coming closest to the drive, application, intensity, range, and stamina of a good pointer in the uplands. They move better, hunt with more verse and purpose, and have a more independent bent than the other versatiles….”

Pudelpointer puppyTrainability

This is one of those hunting dogs with great desire and drive to learn, thus is highly trainable. Pudelpointers make a good choice for  first-time hunting dog owners in that they take to both home and hunting training easily, learning their tasks and what are expected of them faster than any other bird dog—thanks to their unique intelligence. Pudelpointer It should be emphasised though that training should be started early and be done consistently in order to get the desired behavior. The Pudelpointer should also be handled gently and be spoken with using gentle but firm voice. They are not for people living in small flats as physical activities should be a part of their training. They need space to move around, requiring physical exercises that help develop their talents so that they stay mentally engaged and happy.


General Appearance

Pudelpointer puppyThese hunting dogs are predominantly solid in color, usually ranging from the column of the autumn leaves to dark browns. And although having the poodle as their forebear, their coat is generally wiry, harsh and dense—good variations are possible though and a few actually have smooth coat and a rather woolly coat. Nonetheless, this undesirable jacket is waterproof and can camouflage (especially in marshes). The Pudelpointer is easy to recognize by their face: they have whiskered muzzles and pronounced eyebrows. Their tail is also docked, leaving on only 2/3 of its original length. They grow at an average of 22-25 inches in height and 45-70 lbs in weight.



PudelpointerPudelpointers are popular for their obedience, intelligence and ability to connect with their owners. Temperamentally, they are calm, showing a great deal of self-control—a desirable and valuable quality in the field. And also they love water and marshes; they are generally hygienic and clean. They can be great around  children, showing gentleness and desirable manners especially when trained to socialized. They are perfect as playmates too, as they do not tire easily. They are great hunting dogs.



PudelpointerPudelpointers are at risk with three health issues, namely hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and skin cysts. A regular visit to the vet is advised to detect any possible problem and prevent them earlier.  Their average life span is between 12-15 years.


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