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Pointing lab

Pointing Lab

What the Pointing Lab Is All About

Also known as the Lab-Pointer, the Pointing Lab is a cross between a Pointer and Labrador Retriever. pointing lab puppyAlthough a hybrid can get any combination of the characteristics between bird dog breeds, it is not a guaranteed 50% mix. So, when it comes to appearance, how the Pointing Lab looks like will depend on which breed the bird dog inherits. Is it the Pointer or Labrador Retriever’s qualities? As a watchdog, they will bark when an intruder enters their territory. With qualities from a Pointer, they have an excellent sense of smell and tracking abilities.


Trainability & Hunting Style

Pointing Labs are fairly easy to train, but getting their attention is the real challenge. Once you do, however, things can go smoothly with these hunting dogs. One thing to remember is that they require reward-based, and purposeful training methods delivered through gentle methods. This means they respond well with gentle training. They prefer a patient and dominant pack leader to train them correctly. When Pointing Labs are well-trained, they can run up to 20 miles daily. However, they need a running buddy in order to reach the speed expected from them.

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General Appearance

As previously mentioned, the mix appearance of a Pointing Lab depends on which qualities it inherit the most. They can look like either a Labrador or Pointer. pointing lab puppyIt can have short or long hair, depending on the coat of the Pointer parent. If it inherits the coat of a Labrador parent, it can have a straight, wavy or short-haired coat, with kidney shaped sports and markings. The most common color of their coat is white, black, brown, black and white, brown and white, and lemon orange. This bird dog is likely to have a wide head and floppy ears. Pointing Labs are medium-sized hunting dogs with muscular chest and legs. Males can weigh from 65lbs to 80lbs and females can weigh from 55lbs to 70lbs.



Because it is a mixed breed, Pointing Labs have mixed temperament. They are mild, sweet tempered and tend to be timid, which is why they need to be socialized at an early age. pointing lab on pointThey may or may not need human attention. Although they play with children, they tend to be possessive with toys. They are intelligent and energetic, which accounts for their ability to learn quickly. Unfortunately, getting their attention may be difficult. They are independent, especially during a first meeting, but they can be extremely trusting and loyal once they gain their trust. Since both Pointers and Labrador Retrievers have a strong sense of smell, Pointing Labs also inherited their excellent sense of smell. Given their mixed breed, they are generally multi-talented and used commonly for working and herding.



Pointing Labs are fairly easy to groom, but regular brushing is required to get rid of dead hairs and to keep them good looking. It is also very important to constantly check their ears and keep them clean to minimize the risk of ear infections. They will need plenty of exercise to release their excessive energy and vigor. Because they can run up to 20 miles when properly trained, they will never be satisfied indoors. They need to run, jog and roam in huge open space. They tend to stay indoors as they age, however, but daily exercise and attention is still required. It is important that they are not left alone because of their propensity to track everything. As Pointing Labs are excellent workers, hunters, pointers and trackers, they need plenty of mental stimulations and physical activities.

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Most hybrid hunting dogs have fewer health issues compared to that of pure breed. This means Pointing Labs are mostly healthy with no major health issues that affect other hunting dogs, such as eye disease, skin cancer or hip dysplasia. However, they can have ear infection if the ears are not kept clean. A pointing labs average life span is between 12 and 15 years.


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