Pointing Dogs

Pointing dog

Pointing Dogs


An Introduction to Pointing Dogs:

pointing dogsPointing dogs, otherwise known as hunting dogs or gun dogs, are the kinds that are specifically developed to assist hunters in finding and retrieving game, usually birds. Hunting dogs are typically divided into three groups: flushing dogs, pointing dogs and hounds. The pointing breeds are hunting dogs whose instinct is to point. Meaning, they stop and am their muzzle at game. By doing so, hunters can determine the location of their quarry and come within gun range. Pointing dogs are selectively bred from hunting dogs who have more than sufficient pointing and backing instinct. Usually, these kind of pointing dogs develop hunting instincts when they are about two months of age.


Hunting Style:

pointing dogsAs mentioned earlier, pointing dogs stop and “point” their muzzle towards prey. This informs the hunter as to the exact location of the game they are hunting. From there, they can get within gun range. Originally, these kinds of hunting dogs were used by hunters who netted their game. The pointing dogs will freeze to allow the hunter to throw a net over the prey before it is flushed.



pointing dogsWhen raising  hunting dogs from a puppy, the best course of action is to do things slowly. You need to make sure that they are comfortable in their new surroundings. This is necessary because you’ve taken them from an environment where they were most likely with their family. POINTING DOGS have a natural instinct to hunt – it’s encoded in their DNA. This is why training them with planted pigeons or game birds to awaken their prey drive is totally unnecessary. The instinct to hunt will develop eventually, especially when coming into contact with free-roaming birds. The level of training required also differs for each hunting dog breed. For example, a German Shorthaired Pointer requires moderate effort while a Brittany Spaniel is very easy to train.


General Appearance:

pointing dogsThere is no set general appearance for a pointing dog as they come in a variety of coats, be it short-haired, wire-haired or silky-coated. What they tend to have in common though are spots all over their body. These sports can be small and around or large and oval in shape.


Given that pointing dogs were built to be used outdoors, they tend to have high energy. For example, a German Shorthaired Pointer is good-natured and adaptable, but not giving the breed enough exercise can lead to barking, hyperactivity and even destructive chewing.


Here is a list of Pointing Dogs. The Pointing Dogs that are highlighted in yellow, will have puppies for sale, started dogs for sale, breeders and trainers. More To Come!!!

American Brittany

Deutsch Drahthaar

Deutsch Kurzhaar

English Pointer

English Setter

Epagneul Breton

French Brittany

German Longhair Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer

Gordon Setter

Irish Red and White Setter

Irish Setter

Italian Spinone

Large Munsterlander 

Llewellin Setter 

Longhaired Weimaraner

Pointing Lab

Portuguese Pointer 


Small Munsterlander



Wirehaired Pointing Griffon 

Wirehaired Vizsla