The Otterhound is a breed of hunting dogs that has little known heritage but is believed to have originated in Great Britain. The Otterhound is believed to have been in existence for more than 500 years, These hunting dogs are hard to find. There are estimated to be only around 1000 individual hunting dogs of this dog breed in the world today

OtterhoundHunting Style

These hounds were bred to hunt otters. Mink hunters commonly use Otterhounds, as well. They are scent dogs, which means that they have excellent noses and can follow a scent trail relentlessly. These hunting dogs can hunt both on land and in the water. Their physical stamina makes them able to work for a long time.



Otterhounds are typically very independent, which can make them harder to train. Their easy-going nature makes up for this difficulty, though. Trainers with a lot of patience will do well with this dog breed.

OtterhoundGeneral Appearance

The Otterhound is a large hunting dog. Males can stand 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh 115 pounds. Females can stand up to 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh 80 pounds. Their coats are considered rough and they have a “shaggy” look to them, which is quite endearing. Their coats come in various colors and patterns. Otterhounds’ bodies are muscular and allow them great stamina and quick ground coverage.



Otterhounds are easy-going and friendly.Otterhound These hounds are active, like all hunting dogs, but can oftentimes be something of a couch potato. Otterhounds require daily exercise, but their level of activity should not get in the way of home life. This dog breed can jump fences up to 5 feet high, so owners should be careful to keep them in a secure place with an appropriate structure. Their great noses and their instinct to follow a scent lead them to be curious about new smells, which can sometimes distract them.




This dog breed is generally healthy, but, being large and a rapidly growing hound, they are prone to certain health risks. The average lifespan of an Otterhound is a little over 10 years. A common issue in this dog breed is elbow and hip dysplasia. Most Otterhounds have poor fitness in the hip and elbow. These hunting dogs can also be affected by ear infections and other issues having to do with their ears. Epilepsy and seizure disorders also affect this dog breed.

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