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Old Oak Retrievers provides training for Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. We specialize in training hunting dogs & have British Lab Field Trial Champion Studs available for breeding.

Here is what sets us apart:

      • Specialize in training young retrievers.

      • All runs are indoor/outdoor.

      • Indoor runs are heated & air conditioned.

      • We live on premise & care for your dog like family.

      • More than 25 years of experience training retrievers.

      • British Field Trial Champion studs available for breeding.


Rick McConico has been the head trainer at Old Oak Retrievers for more than 25 years. Rick has been a serious hunter all of his life and he understands the unique training needs of British Labs and Golden Retrievers. Rick has put Master Hunter titles on numerous retrievers. If you are looking for someone who understands good pedigrees and what it takes to breed and train British Labs, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.

There is considerable debate regarding the superiority of American Labrador Retrievers or British Labrador Retrievers. Often the opinions are based on which type of hunting dogs a particular breeder or trainer personally sells. While I have my own preferences, I have been fortunate enough to train many very good hunting dogs of both origins. Both American and British are capable of providing you with a top notch hunting companion.

Hunting ability may be the largest point of contention between proponents of American or British Labs. My opinion on this is pretty simple. Anyone that tells you one or the other won’t produce excellent bird dogs is just not being honest. Field lines of both American and British Labs possess all the natural characteristics to be tremendous hunting companions for both Upland and Waterfowl hunting. The American labrador may be a better choice for someone needing a hunting dog to do big water waterfowl hunting.

The difference between the two is as much about style as it is about ability. Both will exhibit the toughness, agility, and natural retrieving ability that make a great bird dog. The American labradors have been bred for higher energy to meet the demands of our style of trial or test which rely on eyesight, whereas the British labrador has been refined for their type of trial which demands the gun dog have a keener nose to track fallen game along with a quiet calm demeanor. The question here is really more about whether you prefer an American Lab which is generally a more high energy hunting machine or a British Lab which is a more calm and thoughtful hunting machine. They’ll both hunt and retrieve, whether on land or water, and they’ll both do it very, very well. British labradors may appear to be laid back when you are just observing them around the house or yard, but once in the field they will perform with the best.

Getting the most from your retriever often means choosing a professional trainer with the experience to help develop your hunting dog to its full potential. And, it’s a decision that can be the difference between getting a good dog and a great retriever.

Rick McConico has been training hunting dogs for over 25 years and has been a serious hunter most of his life. He has been competing in hunt tests for nearly as long as he has been training. Many gun dogs have received Master Hunter titles and Junior and Senior Hunter titles under his tutelage.

Old Oak Retrievers & Kennel has 220 acres of custom-designed training grounds which include multiple terrain features, cover changes and pattern field. Our facility also boasts multiple training ponds that provide a wonderful challenge for teaching the water-retrieving concept.

You won’t find a better, cleaner or healthier facility in the Midwest. Our state-of-the-art kennels are climate controlled and have been called ‘home’ by many exceptional retrievers.

We specialize in breeding British Labrador Field Trial Champions. If you are looking for excellent pedigrees and champion bloodlines, look no further. Our British Lab puppies are among the finest hunting dogs you’ll find anywhere. Easy to train, our retrievers have won award after award.

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