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Eli and Tommy

Sue at 6 months


We have been involved with public dog training since 1969 while a student at OCC in Costa Mesa, Ca.  During that time period, while employed by Dr. Ivan Geumlek, Newport Beach, Ca. , we learned to properly manage the health, care and welfare of Clients pets. Our next move was to open our own kennel in 1977, so that we could participate in  Field Trial competition throughout  the Western U.S. We breed English Pointers and German Shorthaired Pointers.  We have managed to build a reputation of competence and integrity with both our customers and our peers. We have been at our present Kennel location here in Palmdale, California since 1977.  Visit our website for more information. 


Hunting dog training

Call for any questions you may have. We train the owner on how to train there hunting dog .

Puppies, Started Dogs and Upcoming Litters

Please call or check out our website for our English Pointer and German Shorthaired Pointer puppies and upcoming litters.

Stud Dogs

Please call for pricing and information about our stud dogs.

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Ellis Hallmark

Phone: 661-273-2378