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Hound Spring Training: READ

Go Slow When Introducing Hunting Dog To Gunfire: READ

Live Birds Are The Key To Better Hunting Dog Training: READ

Bending Drills Teach Hunting Dogs To Hunt Efficiently: READ

Whatever You Call It, The Trained Retrieve Is Important: READ

In-Ground Containment Fences Are For Hunting Dogs,too: READ

Is Your Hunting Dog Ready For An E-Collar: READ

Less Is More When Introducing Your Hunting dog To An E-Collar: READ

Bark-Control Collars Offer Dog Training Benefits: READ

Preparing To Teach A Pointing Dog’s Most Important Command- Whoa: READ

Finishing The Whoa Command: READ

The Correct Way To Teach The Heel Command: READ

The Right Way To Teach The Here Command: READ

A Simple But Valuable Dog Training Command-Kennel: READ

Building A Steady Retriever: READ

What Does Socializing Your Puppy Mean: READ

Shed Hunting, Starting your Dog Out The Right Way: READ

Training Pointing Dogs With Birds: READ

Getting Your Retriever In The Thick Of Things: READ

4 Reasons To Crate-Train Your Dog: READ

Pup’s First Hunt-Building Your Future: READ

Introducing Your Retriever To Upland Hunting: READ

Retriever Training-The Transition To Water: READ

Training Commands-Talk Less Reinforce More: READ

Get That Young Hound Started Right: READ

Don’t Forget To Introduce Your Duck Dog To Decoys: READ

Make Your Upland Retriever Crazy For Feathers: READ

Pointing Dog Hunt Test: READ

Why Finish Your Hunting Dog: READ

How to Finish Your Hunting Dog: READ

General Rules & Guidelines For Training A Pointing Dog: READ

Curing Hard Mouth: READ

Positive & Negative Reinforcement: READ

Introducing A Puppy To Birds: READ

Forced or Natural Retrieve: READ 

Pre-Season Tune-Up For The Pointing Dog: READ

Commands….Once is Enough: READ

A Teaching Checklist: READ

E-Collar Introduction Part 1: READ

E-Collar Introduction Part 2: READ

Correcting Points & Creeping: READ

Bird Dog Words: READ

Training on Wild Birds: READ

The Force Fetch: READ

Natural Ability & Trained Ability: READ

March for Training Dogs on Wild Birds: READ

What Age To Begin Training: READ

Running Pup With An Older Dog: READ

Poor Training Methods: READ

The Whoa Command: READ


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