The Greyhound has been a popular dog breed then and now. They’re deeply admired by various cultures all throughout history, mentioned by the Greeks and in the Bible, praised by a Roman poet and depicted in Egyptian art. Night Hunt by Paolo Ucello, for instance, showcases sighthounds being unleashed. Greyhounds are that famous. It’s no wonder then why they remain a popular hound to this day. Moreover, they have gone a long way since their days as hunting dogs.


Hunting Style

Greyhounds are, first and foremost, sighthounds that hunt using primarily their sight and speed. GreyhoundTheir keen eyesight is more valuable in wide, open fields than anywhere else, making them one of the best hunting dogs for all sorts of game.  With a speed that can easily reach up to 45 miles per hour, the Greyhounds are often considered the Ferrari in the world of hunting dogs. So there’s little doubt that they can chase hares and rabbits, and promptly catch them. And if this isn’t enough, they’ve also been used to hunt a wild boar, stag, deer and fox. Unlike other sighthounds, they also maintain elegance even when hunting their quarry.



It’s important that Greyhounds are trained the soonest time possible, because they tend to develop a stubborn streak. Unless they see and understand what they’ll get out of training,Greyhound they will be difficult to deal with. This doesn’t mean, however, that harsh training will be welcomed, as they have a sensitive side. They thrive better with consistent and reward-based training methods, with food rewards being a favorite. Don’t expect them to excel with the sit command, however, as they often have difficulty following it. This is because they find it unnatural to do so, and would find it hard to gain balance on their tail. The Greyhound is also a hound breed that needs to socialize. In fact, socialization is an essential part of their training. They need ample exposure to different people, situations and places. The lack thereof can result in Greyhounds becoming fearful and timid.


General Appearance

Greyhounds are a tall, slender breed of hunting dog. They’re easily distinguished by their short, fine coat that gives an almost smooth appearance.Greyhound The head is long and narrow with nostop, and connected to a long neck that is slightly arched. They have perfectly straight front legs. In terms of size, it varies between Racing Greyhounds and Show Greyhounds. The racing dog breed usually reaches 25 to 29 inches tall, while the show dog breed grows 26 to 30 inches tall. When it comes to weight, males in both dog breeds can weigh from 65 to 85 pounds and females will weigh 50 to 65 pounds.  Greyhounds  come in a variety of colors, such as gray,red,blue,white,black and fawn.



Generally with a wonderful temperament, the Greyhound is non-aggressive and friendly. They’re also intelligent and independent. Their personality, however, will differ due to a number of factors, such as lack of socialization, training or heredity. They also need to know who’s the boss or they can be stubborn. This breed of hunting dog doesn’t bark very much.


A major health problem in Greyhounds is that they’re prone to bloating, which is why they should be fed with small meals twice or thrice, rather than one large meal. They’re also sensitive to insecticides and anesthesia. Other diseases that they may acquire include hypothyroidism and osteosarcoma. With speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, Greyhounds must have an opportunity to expend their energy on a daily basis. Without regular exercise, they tend to become bored and destructive. They need to run free on open fields and take daily brisk walks.  The average life expectancy of the Greyhound will range from 12 to 15 years.


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