Golden Retriever

 Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever


 The Golden Retriever we know now is an evolution of the hunting dog breed that was developed by Lord Tweedmouth during the late 1800s in the Scottish Highlands. His goal was  Golden Retriever puppiesto create one of the superb hunting dogs that are suitable to the terrain, Scottish climate and the game available. The first gun dog was a cross between the original “Yellow Retriever” that he owned and the Tweed Water Spaniel, which is now an extinct gun dog breed. The integration of more Tweed Water Spaniel, Bloodhound and Irish Setter produced our Golden Retriever today.


Hunting Style

Golden Retrievers are named „retriever‟ because they were trained and made to retrieve shot game without any damageGolden-Retriever. This is one characteristic that made them one of the most popular hunting dogs. On top of this, they make a useful hunting companion because they assist, search and rescue. They also make one of the best guides.  It can be said that Golden Retrievers are made for waterfowling because of their water-repellent coat. They also love to spend time in the water, making them ideal to search and retrieve fowls that ended up in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Because of their uncanny ability to search shot game, they can also retrieve those that downed at greater distances. Out of the water, the Golden Retriever is just as good in retrieving non-water fowl game birds, such as ring necked pheasant, blue grouse, snipe, Bobwhite quail and prairie chicken. With such abilities, Golden Retrievers definitely make great hunting dogs.

 Golden RetrieverTrainability

When it comes to intelligence, the Golden Retriever ranks fourth, making them very easy to train.Golden Retriever puppy Add to this their eager-to-please attitude and they‟re guaranteed to excel in the obedience-command trainability. This hunting dog, however, prefers a positive and upbeat training style. During the early stages of the training, they should be treated as an animal, and the trainer or owner should exert dominion over them.  They‟re also known to have a gentler temperament which makes them less ideal as a guard dog. Golden-Retriever puppyIt is then the owner‟s responsibility to teach them control and caution, so they don‟t end up following anyone who‟s friendly with them. For higher training success, a training session should be carefully planned. This should include the basics (sit, stay, down, etc), clicker training, quick sessions and rewards.


General Appearance

Golden Retrievers are a large-sized gun dog breed that generally stands at 1 foot, 9 inches to 2 feet tall at the shoulder, and weighs up to 75 pounds. Golden Retriever puppies Females, on the other hand, weigh at a maximum of 60 pounds. Their golden-colored coat is the most common among this gun dog, but some can range from light to dark gold. Because of their dense inner coat, they can withstand the cold outdoors.





 Golden Retriever puppyGolden Retrievers are always eager to please, smart and very good-natured, which makes them just as ideal as a family dog and hunting dogs. They‟re also one of those gun dog breeds that aren‟t picky eaters, which make them at a high risk of becoming overweight. This is why they need exercise.




Because they‟re hunters, Golden Retrievers need their daily exercise to excel at their job. A walk, jog or a run outdoors and at the beach would be enough. When they‟re not hunting, they should be made to retrieve something as well, so as not to keep them idle. A game of fetch is perfect.



Like other breeds of hunting dogs, the Golden Retriever is generally healthy, but not exactly invincible. They are vulnerable to certain health conditions, which is why a healthGolden-Retriever clearance is necessary when acquiring one. Some of the illnesses that usually affect them include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, allergies and Von Willebrand‟s disease.  But as long as they‟re taken care of properly, they can live up to 12 years.


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