German Shorthaired Pointer

German shorthaired pointer

German shorthaired pointer


The earliest recordings of the German Shorthaired Pointer, date back to the seventeenth century – although the the bird dog today has been created as a  multipurpose hunting dog, developed for these purposes at the end of the nineteenth century. Solid Black GSPThe German Shorthaired Pointer contains a mix of Spanish Pointer, Bloodhound and English Pointer, resulting in a large hound-like bird dog with a keen nose.  They aren’t recommended for people who live in  apartments as they need space to roam and ideally need access to outside space, preferably an enclosed yard with a high enough fence to stop them from being able to scramble over. The German Shorthaired Pointer is suited to people who lead an active lifestyle (such as people who hunt, hike or spend time in the outdoors).


Trainability & Hunting Style  

White and Liver GSPGerman Shorthaired Pointers are very versatile hunting  dogs, and will hunt a lot of different types of game, both feathered and furred – and will even track deer. They will retrieve either on land or from water, and are strong swimmers. German Shorthairs hunt out in front of the hunter in a zig  zag type of formation covering ground. These hunting dogs will come to a solid point when they catch scent of a bird.  They will hold that bird until you get there and they will expect you to knock it down so that they can retrieve it to you. German Shorthaired Pointers work well with people, but can be independent thinkers due to the fact that they have been specifically bred for hunting (which often requires them to work away from their master). It is recommended that they be trained using positive reinforcements including treats (food) as well as praise and affection. A kind and consistent attitude is best to get optimum results – as well as keeping training engaging and interesting so as to avoid boredom.

German shorthaired pointer

General Appearance

These hunting dogs are slightly smaller than a Pointer. They usually reach a height of about one foot, nine inches to two feet at the shoulder. Male German Shorthaired Pointers will usually weigh between forty-five and seventy pounds, while females can weigh up to fifty-two pounds. They have dark, oval shaped eyes, and are described as having an intelligent expression.  Their ears are set high onGerman Shorthaired Pointer puppy the head and are flat. Their coat is short and is also water-repellent; slightly longer on the underside of the tail and on the haunches. The hair on their head is softer and shorter than the rest of the body. Their coat is easy to groom and maintain and these particular hunting dogs are not known to shed excessively. Usually, the tail these particular hunting dogs are docked down to around forty percent of its original length.  The German Shorthaired Pointers come in a variety colors and combinations  such as liver roan, solid liver, white and liver, black roan,white and black and solid black.  They can be ticked, patched or roan.



German Shorthaired PointerGerman Shorthaired Pointers are energetic and intelligent hunting dogs. They were bred to have stamina, and as a result of this requires a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation. GSPs are described as curious and intelligent, and provided they get the right level of exercise and other stimulation they will make excellent house dogs as well as hunting companions.  German Shorthaired Pointers can get along quite well with other bird dogs but some may be aggressive or territorial towards dogs of the same sex – and also towards smaller furry animals such as cats or rabbits. To avoid this type of aggression it is recommended that they be raised with other household pets from a puppy.



German shorthaired pointerGerman Shorthair Pointers along with other sporting dogs requires a lot of exercise and space to run. GSPs have a lot of energy and if not given the right amount of attention, can become bored and destructive. GSPs do not do well left alone all day or if relegated to a kennel without plenty of human interaction. German Shorthair Pointers are a very clean breed. The short GSP coat needs very little grooming, just occasional brushing. There is typically only one coat shed in the year. German Shorthair Pointers should be bathed only when needed. Like all dogs with flop ears, German Shorthaired Pointers can be prone to ear infections and their ears require regular checking and cleaning. As the German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium/large, active breed, the dogs can require considerable food. Older or less active GSPs can also become obese if fed more than suitable for the individual’s activity levels. A healthy weight should permit the last two ribs to be felt under the coat and the dog should have a distinct waist or “tuck-up”. Due to the short German Shorthaired Pointers coat, body heat management is not generally a problem. However, the GSP’s high levels of activity require the breed to drink considerable amounts of water to prevent dehydration. Early symptoms of dehydration show itself as thick saliva and urine with an excessively strong and distinct smell.

German shorthair pointer


While this breed of hunting dog is generally regarded as healthy, certain health issues and complications can arise. It is recommended that research be carried out and a reputable bird dog breeder who can provide comprehensive history of heritage be sought before purchasing a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy.  Hip dysplasia is a condition that sometimes arises in this breed of bird dog – and can be caused by a number of factors such as genetics, diet and lifestyle. Surgical correction of this illness is recommended in more serious cases of this condition, although milder cases can sometimes be German Shorthaired Pointer puppiesmanaged with the correct diet and exercise.  Some German Shorthaired Pointers also develop lymphedema (a blockage of the lymphatic system) and entropion, which is a defect that causes the eyelid to roll in on itself. This can cause irritation and injury to the eyeball. This condition can be corrected with a surgical procedure. Cancer is probably the most reported illness to arise in this breed of hunting dog, and is most often mammary tumors and mast cell tumors. Despite certain health problems occurring in the bird dog it is generally accepted that a healthy German Shorthaired Pointer will normally live for twelve to fifteen years.

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