German Longhair Pointer

German Longhair Pointer

German Longhair Pointer


The German Longhair Pointer (GLP) is a hunting dog breed that was developed in Germany. They were once used as a gun dog, but are now great pets for families. Because they were slow, they were often crossed with English pointers and setters during the 19th century to enhance their speed as hunting dogs.


Hunting Style

The German Longhair Pointer are regarded as exceptional hunting dogs in search for game.  Similar to other bird dogs, they hunt by scent. They use their amazing ability to pick up the scent of their prey. They are known to possess great pace, which makes them exceptional in pointing and retrieving.

German Longhair Pointer having a great Day


There are owners who base their training methods on what makes them feel good rather than what makes sense to the bird dog. In the case of German Longhair Pointer, this won’t work since they can be sensitive to harsh treatments. If you want to achieve success during the training period, make sure that you apply a positive approach.  The German Longhair Pointer are more likely to obey their trainers when they are praised and rewarded with treats afterwards. More importantly, they will gain your respect and trust.


General Appearance

German Longhair Pointer These hunting dogs are recognized easily because of their unique appearance. They are usually athletic, elegant, and muscular, are considered less cumbersome and bulky. They have webbed feet, just like other German pointers. Because of crossbreeding techniques, they have developed to move in speed and freedom. German Longhair Pointers are medium in length, with a 3 to 5 cm body length. Their coat is a bit wavy, and is not silky or soft, but rather shiny and firm. The coat is usually ash gray in color, with white on certain body parts, like the chest, paws, top of the muzzle. Some are also dark brown that have patches of solid brown on the head, back, ears, and tail.  Male German Longhair Pointers can stand 24 to 28 inches at the shoulder and weigh 55 to 66 pounds. Female German Longhair Pointers can stand 23 to 26 inches at the shoulder and weigh 50 to 60 pounds.



Most people can attest that German Longhair Pointers are a gentle, intelligent, and friendly hunting dogs. However, just like any other hunting dogs, they can be mischievous, especially when they are distracted in outdoor environments. They are also very affectionate with their owners, and may suffer from separation anxiety when left behind. Since they are a sociable  bird dog, they are great pets for families with children.


Care and Maintenance Needs

German Longhair Pointer with the retrieveGerman Longhair Pointers have a harsh, wiry coat that protects them from the elements. They also have an undercoat that provides extra protection during the winter months, but are not usually present during the summer season. Thus, grooming and care are vital, but they also vary depending on the cycle of shedding. Either way, they need to be groomed on a regular basis, by cleaning their ears and clipping their nails. Their ears and eyes should also be checked often to keep them healthy, When there are signs of ailments, they should be brought to the veterinarian for check-ups.



German Longhair Pointer PuppiesGerman Longhair Pointers don’t suffer from genetic ailments that are common in the breed. However, they are prone to mild infections, such as that of their ears. This can be avoided, of course, by cleaning their ears regularly as well as after every swimming activity.   A German Longhair pointers average life span is between 12 and 15 years.


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