Deutsch Drahthaar

Deutsch Drahthaar

Deutsch Drahthaar


It was in the beginning of the 20th century when the Deutsch Drahthaar was developed in Germany.Deutsch Drahthaars after the hunt It is a cross of the German Shorthair Pointer with another dog of different breeds: the Stichelhaar, a cross of Foxhound, Pointer, Polish water dog and Pudelpointer; and the Pudelpointer, a cross between the Pointer and the Poodle. It is categorized as a hunting and bird dog, and recognized by the Verein Deutsch– Drahthaar, Group North America; North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association; and Verein Deutsch–Drahthaar, the organization responsible for ensuring the restrictive breed of the Deutsch Drahthaar. To this day, it cannot be bred in the UK, and while it can be bred in the U.S., it cannot be registered and sold as pure bred.

Deutsch Drahthaar loven the water

Trainability & Hunting Style

These hunting dogs makes a good watchdog and all-around bird dog. Because of its excellent sense of smell and abilities to track, point and retrieve, it is able to hunt a wide range of game, regardless of the terrain. Deutsch Drahthaar puppiesIt can also hunt on both land and water. While it is easy to train, it needs a handler that maintains a consistent approach and one that is not meek or passive. The Deutsch Drahthaar must know that humans come on top of it in the pecking order or it will be hard to handle. It will not only try to dominate people, but also other animals. Proper leadership is necessary if the Deutsch Drahthaar is to be obedient and friendly to its owner, family and other household animals.


General Appearance

Deutsch Drahthaar is a medium-sized bird dog packed with muscles. It has a longer body, instead of tall, long and straight muzzle, strong and slender neck, deep and wide chest, oval brown eyes that are medium in size, rounded ears that hang close to the head, and scissor-bite teeth. Its coat is made up of a wiry out coat that is straight, water- repellent and weather-resistant; and an undercoat that changes with the season – thin in the summer and dense in the winter. The available colors of the coat are in liver and white, roan or spotted, and a solid silver. Males can weigh from 60lbs to 70lbs and females can weigh from 50lbs to 60lbs.



Deutsch Drahthaar are very active hunting dogs that likes to stay occupied and working for the most part of the day. Deutsch Drahthaars looking proudBecause it is powerful and energetic, it must have enough exercise and work to keep it from becoming bored. It is also intelligent and always eager to learn. There is no question of its loyalty to its owner and family. Although it is generally friendly, it must be socialized at an early stage to keep it from becoming distant with strangers. It must also learn that humans are above it, or it will become dominant and pushy. The owner and children must display proper leadership skills when dealing with a Deutsch Drahthaar.



To keep it from being restless and high-strung, the Deutsch Drahthaar must be given plenty of opportunities to release its energy and tirelessness. Deutsch Drahthaar with a raccoonIt must get a daily dose of vigorous exercise, such as a long, brisk walk; jog and run. Whether it is running or walking, it must heel beside or behind the owner to reinforce the idea that the human is the leader and not the other way around. Remember to brush the coat of the Deutsch Drahthaar twice a week, using a firm bristle brush. It also needs some stripping, and occasional hand plucking. It must only be bathed when necessary, but always ensure that the ears are always clean. After working, make sure to check its feet.



Some lines of Deutsch Drahthaar often suffer hip dysplasia and ear infections. They are also prone to skin cancers and genetic eye disease, and should be monitored for any occurrence of these diseases. The Deutsch Drahthaar average life span is between 12 and 15 years.

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