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Kennel Business and Home in Beautiful Vermont For SALE!!!

Vermont is a state with absolutely gorgeous summers. April through November temperatures average over 50 degrees with July average of 81 and Aug ave is 79, nice. Late January can be a bit cold but if you are into winter sports at all, it is a welcomed change.

This is a turnkey operation with over 2200 database. The business is located in the west central part of the state about 8 miles from Lake Champlain, and is a rural setting with fantastic neighbors. It is also adjacent to an agricultural district. Without looking hard I have likely 3000 acres available for dog training and this resource has not been tapped.

The retiring owners have been at this site for 34 years and are looking forward to retirement. As part of human nature we have slowed a bit in the last couple of seasons so there is a good potential for future owners to grow this business with some exciting promotion. Although it is an older facility, it has been maintained and improved. The setting is aesthetically very pleasing and can be seen from one of the major north/south corridors of the state. It is surrounded by many smaller lakes and about 3 miles from the largest lake within the state borders.

The main kennel building has 29 indoor/outdoor runs. An attached 400 sq ft grooming area has 5 in/out runs, an abundance of natural lighting, drying cages, laundry, and a stainless bathing tub. There is a common entry foyer for the grooming and boarding facility that also serves for supply sales. The main kennel has spacious walk/work areas, and a portion can be closed off for the colder months or when business is slower. Presently there are 2 heating systems in each area for those rare occasions when there is a power outage. If one desired one of those systems could be removed, as a backup generator was installed in 2015.

A separate building houses our training component. This is a 48 x 72 finished open area that was used for obedience classes, built with a ‘Utility’ ring in mind. It serves to garage the dog trailer and truck in the training season so that the dogs are readily available to the 14 I/O runs—which can be expanded to 21 by adjusting the whelping area. In addition there is a handicapped bathroom, storage, office, and another whelping area on one end.

There is a 24 x 32 two car garage with workshop, storage, and tool area. To the rear of it is another overhang area used for the storage of lawn equipment, trailers and the like.

When we bought the property in 1982 the house was virtually a shell. Every room has been remodeled with either slate or hardwood flooring. It has a cathedral ceiling in the living room, a very spacious master bedroom in the loft, and bedroom on the entry level. There are 2 fireplaces, one having a rice coal fired insert that is absolutely enjoyable. A third bedroom could be added with some renovation. The kitchen was completely redone about 6 years ago with alder cabinetry and butcher block island. The exterior was re-insulated and sided with cedar shake style vinyl, re-roofed with standing seam steel.

A pleasing creek runs through the property between the house and kennel. There is little that God created that is as calming as water and trickling water. Although it appears close to the house, it has not flooded in the 34 years we have been here, including hurricane Irene, when several areas of Rte 30 nearby totally washed out. That creek is supplied by two other ponds we built for the purpose of retriever training. The upper ‘technical water’ is designed to train young retrievers a step by step approach to advanced water work. It is also used for tune-up drills for advanced dogs prior to competition and as socialization periods for kennel dogs and puppies. This is an ideal situation for the growing sport of dock jumping! There is abundant yard that compliments the 3.5 acre property, plenty of space for agility if one desires. Surrounding properties have historically been accessible and are protected from future development by the sole owner.

Please Contact Rod Mack For Any Other Information. 802-273-2941


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