Bloodhounds are among the oldest dog breeds or hunting dogs that hunt by smell. They are often described as hound in a baggy suit because of the way they look. They may appear to be menacing, but they are affectionate, shy in nature, and are sensitive to teachings and kindness offered by their owners. Bloodhounds are easily distinguishable through their colors, which include liver and tan, black and tan, and reddish brown. Some dogs also have white flecks on certain areas of the body.


Hunting Style

As mentioned, bloodhounds hunt by scent. In fact, they are bred originally for hunting wild boar and deer as well as tracking out human beings. The hound is well-known for its amazing ability to discern the scent of an individual even after several days. Their extraordinary sense of smell, combined with their strong tracking instinct, makes them a great companion, especially for the police and other law enforcement establishments.



Bloodhounds are intelligent yet stubborn at times. They use their droopy eyes to gain control over a situation. For this reason, it is imperative to possess consistency and confidence when training this hunting dog, also bearing in mind not to be forceful or stern, as they respond well to mistreatment.Bloodhound Tracking activities are usually ideal for them. If you are eager for them to enhance their capabilities, you can look for companies that can help you do this. For sure, you won’t get disappointed with the results. Remember, they have inborn talents and it is just right to improve them more through training. Keep them on a leash or in a fenced yard because the fact that they are quick in picking up scent can put them in a dangerous situation, e.g. running away into the streets.


General Appearance

Bloodhounds are usually a large dog breed; they stand at around 23-27 inches and can weigh up to 110lbs. The features that are most famous of their type are their loose skin, drooping ears, wrinkled face, and deep-set eyes that appear to be an expression of dignity, power, and wisdom. They are droolers, which makes obedience training a difficult one. However, most owners say that the challenge is worth the effort.



BloodhoundThey are usually sensitive, gentle, and easy-going hunting dogs, but there are times that they can be stubborn. That’s why it requires patience and endurance to pet a bloodhound. They are also fond of running and exploring around, thus, the need for a bigger space and safer areas to keep them.  Bloodhounds are generally good-natured, but sometimes, they can be aggressive with other species, especially of the same sex. The maturity stage takes a while to process hence, owners should be have enough patience to handle their hound during the training period.



Bloodhounds, compared to other dog breeds, suffer a higher rate of gastrointestinal diseases, and one of the most common problem is bloat. BloodhoundThey also have a higher risk of experiencing eye, ear, and skin illnesses. To avoid these, it is imperative to have them checked regularly. If you notice any of these problems, they should be taken to the veterinarian right away for treatment.  Blooghounds average life span  is between 11 and 15 years.


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