American Brittany

American Brittany

American Brittany


The American Brittany or also known as the Brittany is a very popular bird dog and very popular among hunters. American Brittany’s have a great nose for birds and love to please there master.  They have a small body, gentle nature and have a great talent as hunting dogs. Hunting families can benefit from this bird dog, they are excellent in the field and also enjoy a good swim. American Brittany pupDespite their soft appearance and happy go lucky nature, the American Brittany  will happily endure the elements in search of wild birds.  In its short time in this country, they  have excelled in field trials and hunt tests.  At some point, the  French Brittany was crossed with the English Pointer and Setter, which intensified and refined their natural pointing and hunting abilities.  The American Brittany  descends from France.  These hunting dogs came to the United States in 1931 and was recognized by the AKC  in 1934, using a translation of the French breed standard. The American Brittany Club was founded in 1942.  The AKC  recognized the bird dog breed’s official name as the Brittany in 1982.


Hunting Style

Brittany Retriving a PheasantThe American Brittany  is a close working hunting dog.  They are natural pointers and retrievers.  The Brittany  will quarter comfortable in gun range in front of the hunter.  While not a large bird dog, they have the speed and agility to cover a lot of ground. They are tough breed of hunting dogs, there coat is built to resist punctures and tears in thick cover.  The American Brittany  points with the best of the bird dogs.



Highly intelligent hunting dogs. The American Brittany takes well to bird dog training. Brittany Puppy retreiving a Dummy Positive reinforcement is the best way to train them.  Harsh behavior can cause the Brittany  to develop bad behaviors and can up set their sensitive nature.  You will not need much training, the American Brittany has a lot of natural ability.  Frequent socialization is very important with this bird dog.  The American Brittany has a tendency of being shy.  Exposing them to different people and situations can  help keep this from becoming an issue. Start young.


General Appearance

Litter of Brittany PupsThe Brittany Spaniels are medium size hunting dogs with a coat that is generally dense and wavy, never curly. They do not shed very much through out the year and regular brushing can make the shedding seem almost nonexistent. There are two primary colors for these hunting dogs, they are orange and white, liver and white and  can also come in a clear or roan patterns. Most often they will have some ticking. Tri-colors are also found with liver and white dogs. They will have orange markings on there eyebrows, muzzle, cheeks and under there tail. American Brittanys tails are usually docked completely or to a length of no more than four inches.  They have loose skin that protects them from thorns and burrs when hunting in thick brush.  Brittanys will  not have black noses, but will have tan, fawn, brown or pink.   The American Brittany stands from 17 ½ to 20 ½ inches at the highest point of there shoulder.  They typically weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, with females averaging slightly smaller than male Brittanys.



The American  Brittany  is a very active and alert bird dog with a good disposition.  The outgoing nature of the American Brittany makes for a excellent upland hunting dog.  The Brittany is a hard working bird dog that is popular as a family dog.  They are a high energy hunting dog breed.  When outside, unless your in the field, Brittanys should be on a leashed or in a fenced in area. They can take off after birds without any warning, and it can be next to impossible to get your American Brittany to come home. Their shyness can lead to excessive whining and urination in the house, when overly excited or nervous.  Early and frequent socialization will help prevent this nervous behavior.  Separation anxiety can be a problem with this breed.   American Brittanys  crave companionship  and when left alone too long, they can become depressed or destructive,  if not exercised enough.


American Brittanys  average life span  is between 13 and 15 years.   Health concerns include ear infections, hip dysplasia, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism and familial renal disease and seizures.


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