My name is Cap Anderson.  I raised and trained German Shorthaired Pointers for years. I sold out in 2010 due to my son’s illness. I got into website design back when I was raising GSPs. It always took my web guy forever to put up pictures of my puppies and make the changes I needed, so I learned how to do it myself. It took me a while to catch on, but here I am. I designed this website because, I wanted a hunting dog website that anyone can come to, whether you are new to hunting dogs or are just looking for that new best friend. I wanted information and pictures on all of the different types of hunting dogs. I also wanted a list of breeders and trainers, all on the same website. Most websites out there will either have a list of hunting dogs and nothing else, or a list of breeders and nothing else. This website will have it all. I want to make it a one stop hunting dog site that is very easy to navigate. If you want to find a certain type of hunting dog and what makes them tick or a great breeder or trainer, you will find it here. My goal is to be one of the top hunting dog information sites on the web. We are getting a lot of traffic coming to this site, so we are now ready to accept advertisers. We are only taking 20 breeders per state, for each hunting dog breed. It will be first come first serve. Your spot is your spot until you give it up. I do not want customers to have to search through 1,000’s of breeders for one particular hunting dog. This way all breeders will be seen.

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Why Advertise With

  • Affordable

  • Personal Service

  • Traffic is growing rapidly.

  • We do all the work.

  • Customers will find you with ease.

  • This website is very easy to navigate around.

  • We will design a great looking splash page for you.

  • We direct customer to your splash page.

  • We link directly to your website, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

  • A Limited Number of Breeders will be added to each hunting dog breed.

  • We pride ourselves on great customer service.

  • We have four different advertising packages.


  • The Banner ad will be displayed on the right hand column.  It will show up on every page of the hunting dog site. It will also be linked back to your website. You will also be put under your hunting dog breed for free.  Ad size can be  300 x 225 /275 x 225 / 250 x 225 / 225 x 225  JPG . The cost of this ad is $250 for the year.

  •  The Hunting Dog ad will  be displayed at the bottom of every hunting dog breed you raise, whether its one or five different types of hunting dogs. The price is the same. You will also be placed on the training page, if you train hunting dogs. The ad will display your Kennel name, City and State. Customers will be able to click on your name and it will go to your splash page. I will create this page with the information about you and your kennel. This page will be very clean and professional looking. I will not advertise other kennels on your page, like some others do. You want customers focused on you and your website. If you do not have a website, the page will still show all your information and pictures. After we get enough breeders per hunting dog breed, we will break them down into states also. The price includes all updates and changes you may need. All this work is done by me. I work for you. The cost of this ad is $49.99 for the year.

  • The Hunting Dog Training ad will  be displayed on the bottom of the hunting dog training page. The ad will display your name, city and state. Everyone will be placed under there own state. Customers will be able to click on your name and it will take them to your splash page, where they will find all your information. The cost of this ad is $20.00 for the year. If you have an ad under a hunting dog breed and you also train dogs. I will ad you to the training page for free.

 Your splash includes the following:

      • Your own slider for up to 15 pictures.

      • Introduction about yourself.

      • Phone Numbers and address.

      • List of services

      • Contact page

      • Up to 10 Testimonials.

      • Website Link

      • Free updates, done by us.

      • Special announcements on upcoming litters and puppies for sale.

Choose Your Advertising Package

I can also design a hunting dog website for you. Your new website will also be added to this site FREE for one year. My company is Ryan 13. Contact: Cap Anderson at 316-882-5589 for any questions you may have or you can also fill out the contact form below or email me at  Thanks