Big Game Outfitters


What You Must Know about Big Game Outfitters:

Once you’ve found the right hunting dog, bought a couple of rifles, and polished your hunting skills, you may want to try big game hunting. By doing this, you’ll test your abilities, enjoy a fun and exciting challenge, and learn new things along the way. If you’re lucky, you might even bag a record-breaking animal and have a new trophy that you can display in your den.

Big game hunting can be enjoyed in two ways: do-it-yourself adventures or guided trips with outfitters. The former is all right if you like being all by yourself and consider hunting as a way to enjoy peace and quiet and get away from the crowds. But, if your goal is to find the best possible game and grab trophy-quality animals, you’ll need to get the help of big game outfitters.

What are big game outfitters?

big_3They are people or companies who organize hunting trips. They’ll provide you with guides who’ll help you navigate the wilderness and will lead you to the best hunting and fishing spots in the area. They’ll also provide you with camping gear, food, water, and other supplies as well as transportation (usually in the form of vehicles, horses, all-terrain vehicles, rafts, and chartered bush flights). Some of them even build and maintain lodges for hunters who want to sleep comfortably after a long, tiring hunting adventure, while others recommend nearby hotels where their clients can stay. Big game outfitters do their best to ensure that you’ll have a fun, exciting, and unforgettable experience and that you’ll stay safe, secure, and comfortable throughout your trip.

aboutus_01_tentIt’s important to note that there are two types of trips that outfitters offer: fully guided and semi-guided ones. Some companies provide either of these trips while others offer both. Semi-guided trips often include accommodation, meals, and hunting advice, which means that, when it comes to stalking your prey, you’ll be on your own. Outfitters with semi-guided packages often take care of the removal of your kill so, if you bag a particularly large animal, you won’t have quarter and carry it piece by piece all by yourself.

You can always stick to basics of hunting and opt to sleep in a tent in the wilderness. But take note that there many outfitters that take big game hunting to the next level by building ultra-luxurious lodges with saunas, Jacuzzis, and indoor laser shooting ranges. Booking with these companies can be a great choice if you want to combine a hunting trip and a lavish vacation all in one.

When you decide to hire big game outfitters, you’ll most likely have to choose among several types of hunting packages. Study them carefully to know which one best matches your budget and hunting needs. If you can’t find what you like, don’t hesitate to give the outfitter a call or send them an email. Many companies are willing to provide customized packages that are tailored to your preferences.

bucketlist_blackbear_2What type of game do they offer?

Big game outfitters cover almost every type of game, and they’re limited only by the types of animals that live in their area. In Wyoming, for instance, many outfitters help you hunt antelopes, moose, deer, bears, and elk and even pheasants and rainbow trout. Outfitters in Yukon Territory in Canada, on the other hand, will guide you to the  best spots for moose, mountain caribou, sheep, grizzly bears, and black bears, just to name a few. They can also lead you to grouse and other game birds and fish like northern pike and lake trout.

horn-muleWhy should you opt for big game outfitters?

There are many reasons to book a hunting package with big game outfitters instead of going into the wilderness on your own. These include:

Having a guide by your side:

When you work with a hunting guide, you’ll have someone who’ll lead you to the right trails and help you navigate through the dense clusters of trees, bushes, and grass. As a result, you won’t waste time going around in circles and finding your way out of the woods.

how_we_hunt_1Of course, the best thing about having a guide is that he can point you to the best hunting spots in the place. Big game outfitters hire guides who are knowledgeable about the area, understand the animals’ behavior, and know where and how you can bag a trophy-quality deer, bear, or moose. By taking advantage of their knowledge and skills, you can have an exciting and totally unforgettable hunting experience.

Having access to the best possible transportation and equipment:

Unit 9 Arizona Archery Elk Hunt Colburn and Scott Outfitters Jeff Hartland 5Big game outfitters usually invest in the best camping and hunting products. Sure, there are those who try to increase their profits by offering cheap, low-quality supplies but, if you do your research and look for the right outfitters, you can find those who understand that the overall success of a hunting trip greatly relies on world-class gear and transportation. Strong horses, modern vehicles, comfortable accommodation, satellite phones for business and emergency use — these are just some of the things you can expect when you hire a reputable big game outfitter that cares about its clients.

Reducing the stress of planning your trip:

45120163_scaled_553x417You have to admit it: organizing a hunting trip on your own can take a huge amount of time and effort. Aside from packing your clothes, footwear, firearms, and firearm accessories, you also have to book your flights and accommodation and secure your hunting license. Once you get to the area, you need to organize transportation to and from the camp as well as horses, rafts, ATVs or any other type of transportation that let you get around the hunting grounds.

slide01Fortunately, if you decide to book with a big game outfitter, you won’t have to tackle most of these tasks. The company will take care of in-camp accommodation, transportation, gear, and supplies, so you only have to buy your plane tickets, book a hotel where you’ll leave your luggage, and bring along your clothes and guns. (Of course, take note that you’ll still need to get a license and pay certain hunting fees.)

Hiring a big game outfitter can make a huge difference to your overall hunting trip. So, if you’re ready to have an exciting adventure, get in touch with a reputable outfitter now.

This outline may not reflect all outfitter standards.

Happy Hunting

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