Waterfowl Outfitters


6 Reasons why Waterfowl Outfitters Can Spare You from Aimless Hunting:

Hunting for ducks and geese is one of the favorite activities of an outdoorsman or woman. During the open season, watering holes and vast hunting areas will come alive with a wide range of activities. Hunting waterfowls may seem easy enough, especially to professionals. But even they know that it is best to hunt with waterfowl outfitters.

What do they have to offer?

1. Certainty of a hunt:

waterfowlhunting2Not just anyone can be a waterfowl outfitter. For a provider to offer their services and receive monetary compensation, they must acquire a waterfowl outfitter license. This means they must meet certain qualifications.

 Must be 18 years of age with a valid hunting license.

 Must be licensed with different sources of experience such as a master hunting guide license by the wildlife and heritage service or as a waterfowl hunting guide for two seasons.

 Must have prior experience working as a waterfowl hunting guide for a licensed waterfowl outfitter.

 Must not have been convicted of violating federal or state migratory game bird laws 3 years before applying for a license.

2. Quality hunting guide:

p1387310376Waterfowl outfitters must hire only licensed waterfowl hunting guide. Similar to acquiring license as a waterfowl outfitter, there are qualifications that an aspiring waterfowl hunting guide must meet.

 Must be 16 years old with a valid hunting license.

 Must not have been convicted of violating federal or state migratory game bird laws or regulations, such as violation of shooting hours, hunting with the aid of live decoys, hunting with the aid of bait, and waterfall outfitting and guiding without a license.

Requirements for outfitting and guiding permit or license vary from one state to another. Some of which may be stricter than most. Anyone who wants to offer guiding services for offshore sea duck or waterfowl hunting, must also acquire a license from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Given these restrictions and requirements, it is clear that working with waterfowl outfitters and guides, make a hunting trip guaranteed and in full compliance with the law.

3. Guided trips:

missouri-goose-hunting-2Depending on the outfitter, you can choose between semi and full-guided hunts. The choice could depend on your skills as a hunter and familiarity with the territory. But why not make the most of waterfowl hunting guides and the services they offer?

 Accompany you in hunting blinds:

The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America have set restrictions as to where hunters assigned in blind sites must remain. Without a waterfowl hunting guide, a hunter could end up violating the set parameters.

 Set up decoys:

Setting up decoys to lure your prey is not easy, with certain hunting spots requiring the right strategies. If you have been hunting for years, you may know a thing or two about decoys, but it would be most convenient on your part if someone more familiar with the terrain set them up in your behalf.

 Calling waterfowl:

duck-hunting-dog-decals-1521341Calling ducks and geese can be perfected after plenty of field hours, something that waterfowl guides and outfitters have already done. When they handle this activity, you can just lie in wait for your prey to come out and be on the line of fire.

 Controlling when and where to shoot:

Who knows better than the guide when the best time to hunt for ducks is and where to find them? If the state you’re hunting has a time zone different than where you come from, you will need expert input to get the timing right. In Alberta, for example, the best time to hunt for ducks is early in the morning. Waterfowl outfitters and guides know the answer.

 Controlling the number of waterfowl taken:

State or federal regulations impose certain bag limits during open and close hunting season. During hunting season in Texas, for example, snows have a bag limit of 20, while Canadas are only up to 3. Snow goose, on the other hand, is all you can put in a bag. Ducks and sandhill crane have bag limits of 6 and 2, respectively. You have the option to find out for yourself, or just leave the research to outfitters and guides.

With these activities taken care of by the guide, you can focus on shooting and downing waterfowls.

4. Provisions:

waterfowl-huntHunting packages come with a wide range of inclusions, from food to bird processing. Depending on the waterfowl outfitter, a package may include meals, accommodation, airport pickup, shells, license and bird cleaning. Some outfitters not only provide guides, but also throw in dogs, decoys and white parkas, whenever needed. There are also packages that combine other activities with waterfowl hunting, such as fishing and skeet shooting.

5. Equipment and Permits:

Hunters must have a hunting license, federal duck stamp or state waterfowl stamp, and federal Sandhill crane permit, if they wish to hunt this type of bird. Outfitters can either provide these requirements or help hunters acquire them. In terms of gear, service providers may or may not provide shotgun, shells, hip boots or waders, and camouflage clothing and mask or face net. It is best to ask what are available for rent on site when booking a waterfowl outfitter.

6. Hunting Dogs:

There are plenty of hunting dog breeds to choose from, but the best one for waterfowl hunting are those that can retrieve downed or wounded game in the water. Dogs that are afraid of water are best left for other forms of hunting. Most waterfowl outfitters provide the right dogs for the hunting trip that you have in mind. It is best to rely on them to provide the hunting dogs, rather than you bringing one of your own. Of course, if there won’t be any logistical problem for bringing along your own hunting buddy, you should. Just make sure to ask an outfitter if they can accommodate your hunting dog.

31w8ZVdTGQLBottom Line:

While it is an adventure to hunt for waterfowls by your lonesome, it could mean endless driving and walking with no luck of bringing home a duck or goose. For a productive hunting trip, hire waterfowl outfitters with rights to a vast area of ponds and rest ponds.

This outline may not reflect all outfitter standards.

Happy Hunting

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